About CyanSYS

We’re a company with a relentless focus on delivering outstanding customer satisfaction
Leading company in this field, We provide specific solutions for every customers.

CyanSYS started as a small bespoke software company from 1996 to 1999. To bootstrap our business, we became the first then NAVISION ERP solution center in South East Asia in year 2000. Our quest to grow, took us into a couple of critical technological and business partnerships, in particular with Microsoft, LS Retail, BI4Dynamics and many others during the journey from turn of the millennium onwards.

Currently managed and run by our core 2nd Generation CyanSYS’ organic team, we are poised to take advantage of the next wave of growth generated by the regional Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) in their own systemic digital transformation in the coming decade. Our founders are still working and supporting our 2nd Generation Leadership team led by Miss Chua Pei Juan who has taken over the baton as our new CEO into the next decade.

The future of our business will focus entirely as a trusted service provider in the area of technology digitalization for our customers. Information technology and digitalization will be the key to all businesses, not only to multi-nationals but even more so to all small to medium-sized companies. It is therefore extremely important that we can provide that trusted support to the entire spectrum of customers, regardless of size of the business, as a one-stop digitalization care centre for them. No job is too small or too big as far as we are concerned. We will strive to perform at our best and optimal for our customers’ businesses as part of their digitalization plan.
– Chua PeiJuan, CEO.
With focused market segment, our comprehensive solution offerings include information processing as well as their utilization. Resiliency extends beyond these competencies. Securing strong mindshare with the respective stakeholders is established through a choice triangulation.
  • Vendor of choice – Loyal customer base
  • Partner of choice – Value adding collaborator
  • Employer of choice – Motivated resource pool


Our Mission

Our strategies continue to build around providing scalable and quality solutions to SMBs companies, enabling them to compete and grow through both with on premise solutions coupled with proliferation of Cloud technologies such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and other privately hosted software as a service model.

To complete this vision, we have also released our own SMB modeled Data Analytics, mobile applications extensions and e-commerce connectors to enable our customers to compete in a fast changing digital world. We are mindful of the onslaught megatrend technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of all things, robotics process automation, virtual reality and augmented reality all surrounding the data science.

From 2020, we have a blue-print to embark on a full intelligence business model through leveraging on Microsoft AI and Machine Learning model as an initial step to understand the capabilities and business realities of such use cases for our customers.

Our Vision

To be a reputable leader in offering professional technological services and integrated solutions to specified business communities with our 3 key competencies:

  • Independent Software
  • Information Processing
  • Integrated Solutions
Our Core Values
  • Customer Focus
  • Respect for Each Other
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism

History In Words

History In Words


Founded in 1991
  • IBM Custom Software Developer
  • Represent Open Account (A400 RPG)
Year 1998

Establish KL Office



Year 1999

Represents NAV

Year 2004
  • Establish Manila Office
  • Represents LS Retail



Year 2006

Establish Kota Kinabalu Office

Year 2007

Establish Jakarta Office



Year 2011
  • Awarded Microsoft Inner Circle
  • Awarded Microsoft President’s Club
  • Awarded Microsoft Singapore ERP
  • Partner of the Year
  • Awarded LS Retail Gold Partner
Year 2012
  • IDA Collaboration on Business Analytics
  • Partnership with BI4Dynamics
  • CFMD for CyanSYS Agro-Plantation Solution
  • Awarded LS Retail Gold Partner
  • Awarded LS Retail Inventory Optimiser and High Performance Partner



Year 2013

Awarded LS Retail Gold Partner

Year 2014

Awarded LS Retail Inventory Optimiser and High Performance Partner



Year 2014
  • Awarded LS Retail Platinum Partner
  • Recognised as Promising SME 500
Year 2015
  • Awarded LS Retail Platinum Partner for Singapore & Malaysia
  • Awarded Microsoft President’s Club



Year 2016
  • Awarded LS Retail Diamond Partner for Singapore
  • Awarded LS Retail Platinum Partner for Malaysia
Year 2018

Establish Perth, Australia Office



Year 2019

Approved Vendor – SME Go Digital for Retail Sector – Enhanced Retail Management System (eRMS)

Year 2020

Awarded LS Retail Diamond Partner for Malaysia