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Sales Module

Do you know which products are your most profitable, and which customers are buying them? Can you run ad-hoc analysis and see your seasonal aspect of Sales? Analysis of sales trends, margin, parallel period and year-to-date sales reports extend standard reporting and make analysing data simple, powerful and quick.


Receivables Module

Users can easily analyse receivables debit/credit relations, balance and various rotation coefficients through different dimension attributes, as well as overview of due and overdue accounts.

Users can drill down to specific invoices and track changes with daily snapshots stored in the data warehouse.

Inventory Module

To avoid the typical difficulties with inventory valuation in ERP systems, like slow calculations and complications for multi-location items, daily snapshots of data are created in data warehouse to provide business users with very fast and agile analysis.


Analyse Trends of Inventory Value and Quantity Over Multiple Locations

Provide the following competencies:

  • Inventory Overview
  • Measures and Dimensions
  • Inventory by Location over Years
  • Inventory by Item Vendor over Years
  • Top 30 Items by Various Measures

General Ledger Module

Consolidation of information over multiple companies, dimensions and currencies has never been easier. Create Chart of Accounts and Income statement reports. Compare budgets over the years with YTD (Year-To-Date) KPI which is available in almost all important measures. Spend less time on producing monthly reports!

Provide the following competencies:

  • YTD (Year-To-Date)
  • Any Dimension with Any Measure
  • BI4Dynamics Enables You to Compare One or More Budgets

Purchase Module

Complete purchase analysis over multiple measures with rich dimension attributes and multiple company. Possibility to analyse vendors by Pay-to > Buy-from > Ship-to, which is complicated to do with built in Microsoft Dynamics NAV functionality due to information being scattered across documents. Track the status of purchased and supplied items.

Payables Module

Analysis of specific invoices and group of invoices with advanced measures (average account measures, invoice open days, due days, etc.). Perform payables balance through all vendors through time and make account analysis through different attributes on vendor card. Use cash flows KPIs, monitor performance and access all your pending invoices.


Account Schedules Module

Account schedules are used to prepare financial reports based on the general ledger. With account schedules users can choose specific accounts and perform basic calculations. In Microsoft Dynamics NAV users define their own account schedule, after processing it with BI4Dynamics, account schedules will be shown in Excel. 100% flexibility. No IT staff, no IT vendor.

Sales Order Module

With the data warehouse´s daily snapshots of sales quotes and orders you can efficiently analyse the whole sales process from quotes to posted documents and receivables at any level. Analyse Sales and Profit by any combination of Item or Customer – compared to plan and growth in previous periods.



Purchase Orders

Powerful analysis of orders and blanket orders is mandatory for efficient supply chain management. It is crucial to track the status of purchased and supplied items and whether they are late. To add to Microsoft Dynamics NAV functionality, every day snapshots in the data warehouse make purchase orders analysis very fast and accurate.



Manufacturing Module

Monitor production orders, Item composition and consumption, Actual and expected quantities with variance. Analyse Average costs and work in progress over many dimensions and hierarchies. Powerful, agile, simple analysing across multiple sites and geographies.


Jobs and Resource

Powerful analysis of jobs and resources, which can give answers about budgets, costs and profits on different open jobs in just one report. Job and resources module provides the ability to compare budgets, costs and profit at the same time in one report for a specific project. Monitor time consumption by multiple dimensions.

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