June 6, 2018

SMExpo 2013

16th Infocomm Commerce Conference, 15th Annual SMEs Conference, SMExpo 2013

This year’s combined conference of ‘The 16th Infocomm Commerce Conference’, ‘15th Annu-al SMEs Conference’ & ‘SMExpo 2013’ organized by Singapore Chinese Chamber of Com-merce & Industry (SCCCI) was recently held at Suntec City Convention Hall 404-406 on 14th-15th August 2013. More than 2000 visitors came to this event to find out more about the different solutions that are being offered for SMEs as well as to keep in touch with the latest offerings from Solution Providers. Visitors of the event were also given the chance to partici-pate in seminar’s and partner clinic to gather more information about solutions that is able to help SMEs. Some of the showcased solutions ranged from ERP Solutions, Retail POS So-lutions , Management Solutions to the most basic off-the-shelve softwares. Visitors were basically spoilt for choice with the array of solutions and services that were displayed at the event.SMExpo-2013-300x180


CyanSYS showcased Inventory Optimizer at ‘Fast Pass ICT’ Gallery

CyanSYS was one of the chosen solution providers to present their Inventory Optimizer Solution under IDA’s ‘Fast Pass Gallery’. Besides having the booth under IDA, our LS Retail NAV 2013 Solution was also displayed in the Toshiba’s POS Machine which visitors had a first hand experience of the system’s demo and printing of receipts featured at the Toshiba’s Booth. It was a wonderful experience for Cyan-SYS as visitors were very keen on finding out more about the Data Analytics Tool on the Inventory Opti-mizer.

Majority of the visitors who visited our booth were either working in an SME company or owners of one.SMExpo-2013_01-300x205


Another important aspect of this event is that SMEs are able to inquire about the government fundings from various government funding bodies who were also present at the event to give more information about the various fundings that were available. As CyanSYS is one of the approved vendors under the IDA iSprint Package, visitors were able to take advantage of the opportunity to get a funding of up to 70% of the total cost which is capped at $20,000 and the remaining amount can be claimed from PIC (Productivity Innovation Grant) under IRAS.

With the many fundings available in the market, it is no wonder that visitors are carefully selecting the solutions that is the best fit for their business and their requirements.

Below are some pictures that was captured during the 2 days event at Suntec City Convention Centre Hall 404-406.

SMExpo-2013_03-289x300 SMExpo-2013_02-300x213