Post-COVID19: Digitalizing the Business a MUST-DO

By 19th Jun 2020 our circuit breaker exit will enter into Phase 2 where most businesses will be back. During the last 2 months of COVID-19 CB period, we begin to realize the possible NEW NORMAL business model that we have to transform and reimagine with pace. We have been kept extremely busy to support our existing customers from 7th April 2020 till this very moment frantically to sustain the on-going operations of utmost importance. We have supported some creative customers with fast extensions to their existing systems in order to set up new business models such as the most popular of all, integration to e-commerce platforms to ramp up their sales or leveraging on the various delivery platforms to complete the last mile fulfilment cycle so sustain some revenues. The 3 common practices that we become proficient are:

Setup all the work from home software needs, be it Office365, Microsoft Dynamics NAV or even subscribing to new D365 BC new licenses on urgent basis.

To continue business as usual using Microsoft TEAMS, Zoom and Google Meet to support operations, training and conduct meetings.

Last but not least, we help new prospects who approached us to purchase new D365 BC licenses, and use the CB period to train new users and implement new systems as part of their digital transformation footprints. We have completed more than 5 new projects concurrently during this period.

With this in mind, we think the new normal will continue to work from home as a productive and workable option. Hence when the business exit to Phase 2 and subsequently Phase 3, our focus is 100% digital transformation acceleration for our existing customers and new customers alike. Yes, we are opening up as well and for new customers who are looking at completely new D365 BC ERP or just accounting solutions, we will accelerate for you with special promotions for all who are signing up with us and requiring all to be done remote, online and speedy way as follows:

New D365 BC license purchase at 20% discount for up to 5 users only.

Accelerated training, customisation and implementation package of 20 man-days with 50% support and funding.

New training for those technical groups who want to learn more about programming in D365 BC, attractive 3 – 5 days on-boarding at 50% discount.

Dynamics NAV/D365 BC training for existing end-users at 50% discount to refresh on your knowledge of the specific functions/modules. Click here.

Instead of waiting for funding and applying to the government funding, we believe our support by offering you huge discount and support from our normal practice is worth considering joining our many happy customers on the accelerated road to digitalisation to resonant with our Singapore push towards a smart nation. We look forward to partnering you and sharing with you the huge support we can offer to your business in one of the 6 areas below.

We want to run a promotion for the 6 areas below to attract SMEs to contact us for all Digital transformation needs from:

1.      Business Accounting setup and support
2.      D365 Business Central with Singapore localization add-ons
3.      End-to-End Enhanced Retail
4.      Mobile add-ons
5.      E-commerce integration APIs add-ons
6.      Microsoft business analytics

Business Accounting setup and support
D365 Business Central with Singapore localization add-ons
End-to-End Enhanced Retail
Mobile add-ons
E-commerce integration APIs add-ons
Microsoft business analytics