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    June 6, 2018

June 6, 2018


Komugi is a bakery and café chain offering delicious, handmade Japanese breads, cakes and confectioneries in various locations across Malaysia. The Komugi team of Japanese pastry chefs bake everything daily to ensure their customers enjoy the freshness and true quality of the brand.

Starting small

When the first Komugi Bakery & Café locations opened in Malaysia, they were using a local Point of Sale software, Raptor POS, to manage their sales. Each POS had its own database, which meant that when it was time to update prices, products or promotions, the IT staff was forced to remotely access every single store to perform the updates during the night. This was very time consuming and inefficient.

They also had problems with the database located at POS level, which caused discrepancies in the business data at the central database.

In their headquarters Multiple Rewards, the company managing the Komugi brand in Malaysia, used UBS as their accounting software. This system could however only manage general accounting, forcing the team to enter sales manually in the accounting system, after having collected the sales information from every single Komugi outlet.

All in all, Komugi was unable to exchange data easily internally, and a lot of manual work was required to compile and verify all the data coming from different stores, before manually entering the information into UBS accounting system.

The need for a powerful and reliable system

Komugi2-300x207As the business grew and Komugi opened more stores, the company realized that these disconnected systems were holding them back, wasting Komugi’s time and money on manual processes which could be automated.

When the company decided to look for a faster, more powerful and reliable system, they contacted CyanSYS , an LS Retail partner based in Singapore. CyanSYS advised the company to implement LS Nav Hospitality, a complete management system for hospitality businesses based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Timely and accurate reporting

Komugi-300x207With LS Nav Hospitality, Komugi is now able to generate reports quickly and efficiently. With the old system, it took at least 2 hours to generate sales reports, forcing the staff to to manually access each store remotely – all the while, working after business hours in order not to disrupt the business. Now, thanks to LS Nav, Komugi’s sales reports are always up-to-date in the system. This enables executives to create action plans in response to real-time trends, and take smart decisions that have a direct impact on their bottom line.

Easier expansion

Today Komugi can manage its whole chain in one single business management system.

LS Nav Hospitality also simplifies and supports the brand’s growth. Multiple Reward is satisfied with how easy and quick it is to open new stores: it only takes a day to the Komugi IT team to roll out the core technology in new locations.