June 6, 2018

CyanSYS supports the COURTS + O’CONNERS & FRIENDS “Back to the 80s” Charity Auction


CyanSYS recently participated in the charity auction held by Terry O’Conner (CEO, COURTS). The theme of the event was “Back to the 80s” where attendees experienced what it was like in the 80s as well as the chance to dress up as their favourite 80s’s character. Whether you are looking for the Iron Maiden rock band, Tom Cruise lookalike in the movie Top Gun, John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever to one of our favourite game characters, Mario & Luigi, were all present at the event for us to reminisce the good old 80s.

Inspired by the 80’s that was an ebullient decade that saw people coming together to help the less fortunate with Sir Bob Geldof, Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie gathering a supergroup of popular artistes in America to record the memorable “We are the World”, Terry began to hold charity parties since 2001. Being humbly growing from a guest list of 80 guests previously, it has now grown to more than 400 guests that graciously join hands to raise funds for two charity beneficiaries (Heartware Network & WE CARE Community Services) so that they can continue to do good work.

Besides the 80’s dress-up that were present among guests, the auction prizes were also in-line with theme. Prizes like a framed picture of Marilyn Monroe, signed T-shirts and memorabilia from soccer players who were well-known for playing in the England Team in the 80’s to Audrey Hepburn’s framed painting drawing were also up for bid during the charity event. Aside from the prizes mentioned, there were also prizes that consist of holidays, dining at high-end locations, jewelries and high end items were also strongly bidded for the event. Performances also kept the attendees entertained with a staff from COURTS imitating Michael Jackson and his dance moves to bands singing popular songs from the 80’s. It was definitely a nostalgic feeling that brought us back and having to experience how it was like during the 80’s when the dress sense that seemed old to us now was actually the ‘in thing’ during the 80’s.

Also one notable section of the event was that bidders who do not want to be known to bid the item openly can opt to choose the ‘Silent Auction’. There is a section at the back of the room which lets bidders to write down their amount that they would like to bid for the items. Those items would not be bidded openly, hence in order to know how much the last person bidded for the item, they would have to go to the back of the room to know how much is the bid currently.

Some of the special guests that graced the event were John Barnes which was an ex-Liverpool player in the 80s who did a cool rap after 10 tables donated SGD 200.00 each accumulating to SGD 1,000.00 to encourage him to perform in front of the audience. There was also Didi Hertnam who was also an ex-Liverpool player that did not performed by was just awesome knowing that a legend is gracing a Charity event in Singapore.

Overall the experience was wonderful for CyanSYS staff who attended the event as they were thrust back to the 80’s and grooving to the music that was being performed. It was an enjoyable event and  giving back to the community through the 2 beneficiaries was definitely what CyanSYS would do to help benefit the society.

Below are pictures that were taken during the event:

Courts_Charity_8  Courts_Charity_1 Courts_Charity_2 Courts_Charity_3 Courts_Charity_4 Courts_Charity_5 Courts_Charity_6 Courts_Charity_7