June 6, 2018

CyanSYS Sdn Bhd displayed their Retail Solutions at the Retail Solutions Asia 2013

Retail Solutions Asia 2013

CyanSYS Sdn Bhd recently displayed their Retail Solutions at the Retail Solutions Asia 2013 which was held at Mid-Valley Exhibition Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 12th-13th November 2013. The event showcased a wide range of retail solutions, hardwares, peripherals and other related services. Retailers are exposed to a variety of solutions and hardwares that they can tap on to improve their business processes, upgrade their legacy solutions and hardwares or improve their value-add services in their retail stores. Retailers and visitors were also able to attend keynote sessions to keep up-to-date with the latest solutions and hardware offerings that are available in the market as well as insights into retailing that covers the optimization of Store Layouts to improving Return of Investments from A&P in their retail stores. Delegates, retailers as well as walk-in visitors who were invited to the event were also treated to various networking sessions where they are able to network with various retailers themselves.

On display at CyanSYS booth was the frontend LS Retail NAV which is a fully integrated solution that delivers the breadth and depth of functionality demanded by large and small retailers, without the need to build, manage and maintain multiple applications and inconsistent interfaces and moreover it is built on the backend Microsoft Dynamics NAV which makes the back and head office to use the same application system. The LS Retail NAV solution was installed on a Toshiba Point-of-Sales hardware which was also showcased in conjunction with our Business Intelligence Tool, BI4Dynamics that was also showcased by our Slovenia representative from Bi4Dynamics, Klemen. CyanSYS also showcased the QueueIQ Solution by
‘Brickstream’ which helps retailers to understand human behavior in places where people shop, gather, work and play. Brickstream’s technology also intelligently collects, integrates and analyzes data related to the actions of people as they enter, move through and exit the environment, delivering the equivalent of clicksteam analytics for the brick-and-mortar world.
Below are some screen shots that are taken below during the 2 days event:
 RetailSolutionAsia_1 RetailSolutionAsia_2 RetailSolutionAsia_3 RetailSolutionAsia_4 RetailSolutionAsia_5 RetailSolutionAsia_6