June 6, 2018

CyanSYS Pte Ltd participated in the ‘National Productivity Month 2014′ held at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre from 7th October 2014 – 8th October 2014 under IDA Singapore

The inaugural National Productivity Month 2014 was a joint proposal submitted by both Singapore Business Federation and Singapore National Employers Federation to the National Productivity and Continuing Education Council (NPCEC).


The theme of the event is ‘Make the change or lose your future’ which was chosen to reflect and highlight the stark reality that many businesses are facing with regards to their competitive edge being defined by how much productivity is created in structuring their businesses, maximizing their know-how and leveraging the capabilities of their workforce. Continuing old concepts and ways of running enterprises are no longer the way to go. This event also rallies the business community to come together to discover new ways of approaching common and similar problems faced daily by businesses and learn from each other’s productivity journeys. Visitors were also able to attend various keynotes during the event to better improve their productivity in the event with various industry champions giving the speech.

CyanSYS was given the opportunity to participate in this event representing IDA Singapore to highlight the Inventory Optimizer solution. This solution improves operations to industry that keeps track of the inventory. It uses raw data from the backend ERP Solution and automatically selects the best fitting forecasting method available to estimate future demand.

Our Project Consultant, Tony Ong was at the booth to showcase the capabilities to the Guest of Honour of the event, Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong. Below are some of the pictures of the event as well as pictures of Mr Lee visiting our booth and interacting with Tony.