June 6, 2018

CyanSYS NewsLink – Quarter 4 Year 2009

Overview of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Product Release Roadmap 2009-2017

CyanSYS is pleased to share the roadmap and directions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV to its valuable customers to understand how Microsoft has planned for the upcoming newer versions.

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Q3 2009

    With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1, Microsoft has improved productivity to the new customers and partners. It is to ensure an easier upgrade to the new RoleTailored user experience for Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers working on previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV as well as adding the innovative Client Extensibility for both existing and new customers.

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV “7” 2010-2011

    Microsoft will maintain the innovative RoleTailored approach. Through enhanced interoperability with Microsoft Office and SharePoint, Microsoft will enable more users in an organization to be more productive. Furthermore, it will provide Software + Services by attaching Dynamics Online and make it easier for partners to costume our Web Services and develop their own services. With this release, Microsoft expects to only support Microsoft SQL Server as a database platform.

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV “8” 2013-2014

    Microsoft expects that it has a RoleTailored developer experience and a full .Net runtime environment which will benefit our customers and partners. The C/Side and Classic client components will most likely be retired in Microsoft Dynamics NAV “8” and Microsoft will maintain focus on the business application as well as customer and partner productivity.

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV “9” 2016-2017

    Microsoft plans to continue investing according to its strategy in Productivity and User Experience leadership. It will continue to invest in core business functionality that complies with current and future regulatory requirements and functionality that will meet customers’ core business needs. Microsoft will continue to enable partners to develop vertical and micro-vertical solutions. As always, it will take advantage of the investments and innovations provided by other Microsoft technologies.

The above upcoming new versions of Dynamics NAV are designed with a focus on people roles throughout a company. Microsoft Dynamics delivers an individualized; RoleTailored user experience that enables employees to easily personalize and automate their tasks based on their own preferences and work style. That means less training and development time, a rapid return on investment, and, most important, significant productivity gains throughout the organization.

LS Retail announces the availability of LS Retail NAV  2009.1 (6.1)

LS Retail NAV 2009.1 (6.1) is on the NAV 2009 SP1 W1 code base. Release To Manufacturer (RTM) entails that the database is code complete and ready for localization, and the release includes all supporting setup tools.

This new version of LS Retail NAV, includes various new features such as:

  • Special Orders
  • Refund and Return Management
  • GDI+ Buttons on POS
  • Item Tracking
  • Commission Calculation
  • Offers
  • Infocodes

The official release date of LS Retail NAV 2009.1 is set for 25 January 2010 when LS Retail will release the final database, which is the RTM database with possible error fixes. Demo data and documentation will be included then.

IDA Attachment

CyanSYS welcomed 4 IDA trainees in October 2009 as part of the effort to train, retain and build a pool of Microsoft technologist. These trainees will be on the job training for one year duration after which they will continue to be deployed for IT projects relevant to their learning experience. This is the second time that CyanSYS is involved in such a collaboration to enable IT careers for Graduates. The first time such program was in 2003 which also saw 5 IDA trainees participating.

Introducing Zap Business Intelligence (BI Tool) to Dynamics NAV Customers

Zap’s Business Analytics for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a packaged solution that enables business users to measure, report on and improve performance using scorecards, key performance indicators (KPIs), dashboards, ad-hoc analysis, and management reports.

This Business Analytics solution features functionality designed to enable a rapid deployment and return on investment (ROI), even for customers who have heavily customized Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Why ZAP BI Tool for NAV:

  • Support for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 3.7, 4.0, 5.0 & 2009.
  • Web-based, zero footprint application that deploys in days. The web architecture installs easily and quickly on your server environment with no intrusion on your end users’ computers.
  • View analytics from SharePoint® and Outlook®, and keep pace with how your organization consumes data.
  • Automated support for customizations. Use a wizard-driven application to bring in Microsoft Dynamics customizations automatically for analysis.
  • Maintain data security. Security can be replicated from Microsoft Dynamics so that users only see appropriate data.
  • Improve internal satisfaction and adoption of Microsoft Dynamics. Enhance the use of Microsoft Dynamics in your organization with analytics that enhance decision-making and add value to your Dynamics data. You can even use analytics to improve data quality and monitor user adoption.
  • 100% Microsoft technology. Business Analytics is a packaged solution based on 100% Microsoft technology. This minimizes the skills and IT resources you need to deploy analytics.
  • Highly scalable from one to thousands of users – proven by industry standard testing.