June 6, 2018

CyanSYS NewsLink – Quarter 2 Year 2010

Forward Message By Managing Director

Dear Business Partners,

Thank you for your great support in the last quarter which ended on 30th June 2010.

CyanSYS as a whole registers yet another sterling performance in many ways. At the close of our Financial Year with Microsoft, CyanSYS has grown our net revenue by 71% year-on-year.

Our foray into the Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics platform enables us to add important customers with the help of ZAP technology. This is an important milestone as it represents a new value proposition that we can bring to our mature customers to tap on BI as their cutting edge analytical indicators to differentiate and distance their competitors.

We welcome new colleagues joining our West Malaysia office and Indonesia offices. Congratulations to our fellow colleagues, Lyn and Sara on their newborn babies in June as well.

Recharging Microsoft Enhancement Plan

Mentioned in our First Quarter Issue of NewsLink on about the changes in Microsoft Policies, CyanSYS is pleased to announce that majority of our NAV Partners/Customers had renewed their either expired or expiring Business Ready Enhancement Plan by 31st May 2010.

Although our ever-friendly and obliging sales team had communicated to our Customers via various means, we felt the needs to re-emphasize the “WHAT” Benefits and “WHY” of BREP Renewal nonetheless.

“Why” of BREP

Effectively from 1st June 2010, dormant

Enhancement plan Holders will be ineligible

to purchase additional licenses.

Starting from 1st June 2010, Microsoft will

require a BREP when purchasing additional

modules or user licenses on supported

versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Benefits of BREP

Optimize and Enhance the performance of

your solution through ongoing product

improvements (Service packs, Fixes,etc)

Protects existing investment in dynamics

Solution by keeping it updated through

incorporating with future technologies

Enhances your employees’ productivity

through support training and communitybased services

Once again, we would like to thank you for making a worthwhile decision, which will definitely be

beneficial in the long run. For any enqueries, feel free to contact us at sales@cyansys.com.

Project Go Lives

Go Lucky with Best Denki

Best Denki Singapore had gone live with CyanSYS’ electronic lucky draw system on 14th Apr 2010. The system was developed over the last 6 – 9 months with a tremendous, gallant team effort from conceptualization of a “computerized lucky draw system”, taking transactions coming from LS Retail as the base.The chances for each transaction via LS Retail are recorded via the Best Denki Gold Points Card, which was also developed and deployed by CyanSYS based on LS Retail Loyalty sub module with online data director architecture. The number of chances can be instantly shown on the Gold Points Card.

This implementation had greatly reduced the hassle of filling in multiple sheets of coupons with the same information, thus making it more cost effective as it eliminates the need to print the physical coupons.

Get Credit from Courts

From the month of June 2010, when you walk into any of the Courts Outlet including the newlyopen Somerset Branch, please do not be amazed by how fast one can purchase an item in credit without much hustle. This is made possible by using a suite of CyanSYS add-on Credit functions that was heavily customized out of NAV Platform. Today, Courts’ existing Credit customers can make their monthly instalment payments via NAV Credit Payment function in LS Retail POS machines. The Credit module had incorporated features that allows real time credit applications, credit sanctioning with bureau search, arrears calculation and collection strategies automations.

The completion of the project is in tandem with Courts Singapore business vision to emphasize on Customer Focus, Great System and Good Supply Chain. The year-long project, which is a “Masterpiece of Art” bear testament of the hard work, 100% commitment and successful collaboration between Courts Systems, Courts testers/users and CyanSYS Project Team. With the availability of Credit Module, it provides users a truly integrated system from front-end to backend processing.

Harvesting with Benta Wawasan

Yet another of our very own product – Agri-Plantation Solutions that runs on Dynamics NAV

platform went live at Benta Wawasan Oil Palm Plantations. Everything from harvesting, check

rolls, financials, purchases and sales were commissioned successfully in the 2nd quarter of 2010.

With this 2nd phase in place, Benta has significantly increased their operational efficiency and we

are glad that users are extremely positive and supportive of the newly implemented solution. In

the 2nd half of 2010, Benta’s Management believes they can now further exploit the distributed

technology that they have implemented to enable them to grow further with cutting edge

solutions in the plantation industry. Kudos to the project team members of CyanSYS and

Benta Wawasan.

Hot Streak Quarter For CyanSYS Portfolio

In addition to the giant retailer in traditional Chinese medicine, Eu Yan Sang Singapore; another

trading company, Derrick Solutions International Pte Ltd, offering solid equipments to the oil and

gas industry has come on board with us.

We are glad to be a partner of choice for DSI, a newly setup company incorporated in April this

year. DSI has its Singapore office as a control centre with a central server allowing all its

subsidiaries and agents to access NAV in the central server. We have also included a Reporting

tool call JetReport to allow for the capability of generating adhoc management reports required by

the users at impromptu.

In addition to the new customers mentioned above, we have added 4 existing NAV customers to our

portfolio: Transmarco Concepts Pte Ltd (Singapore), BA 2000 Marketing Pte Ltd (Singapore),

Edaran Tan Chong Motor Sdn Bhd (Malaysia), Mediconstant Pharmacy Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) and

Supply Demand Networks Pty Ltd (Australia).

With these newly added customers, CyanSYS has cumulated close to 90 customers in the Asia

Pacific region. These customers are supported by our offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia

and Philippines with more than 40 staffs. What a fast and furious quarter for us! We certainly hope

to carry that momentum into the next quarter and a big thanks to all our new customers for

choosing CyanSYS as their choice partner; we are honored to provide quality solutions to you.

LS Retail Partner Conference 2010 in Prague

In their 11 year history of organizing, a record-breaking partner conference held by LS Retail in

May led to the biggest turnout of 140 delegates from LS Retail Partners, Microsoft and LS Retail


The magnitude of the conference led to most participants wax lyrical about the amount of

information being exchanged in the 3 days event in terms of number of presentations.

Ranges of ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) were selected to join the conference to showcase

their solutions which can provide additional functionalities that may be needed by specific

industry-retailers. Such move highlighted the intention of LS Retail to focus on a best of breed

strategy. Both our managing director, Mr Theng Wee and project manager, Miss Pei Juan

represented CyanSYS in this glittering and rewarding conference where they comprehended how

LS Retail aims to help retailers to reduce costs and add values to their customers. As such,

CyanSYS will continue to align with the development of LS Retail approach by providing end-to

–end solution to retailers, enabling our retail customers to achieve maximum growths.

Unleash the powers in NAV 2009 R2

Microsoft unveils NAV 2009 R2 with newly added functionalities in response to both customers and partners feedback. Leveraging on the investment in architecture for Dynamics NAV 2009, Customers are able to benefit from software plus service vision through the R2 release,built-in integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and online Payment Service:

Microsoft  Dynamics  CRM Integration Eliminating redundant data entries, keeping information up to date in both ERP and CRM solutions, and providing salespeople with the ability to quickly access detailed business information about contracts, pricing and product availability
Online Payment Service for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Enables customers to process payment transactions from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV interface across multiple channels, including e-commerce, point of sale and call center transactionsWorks with leading payment processing services and all major credit cards
RoleTailored interface access for remote or roaming users Supports direct access from the Microsoft Dynamics RoleTailored experience over the Internet. This allows for remote or roaming users to take advantage of the richness and Microsoft Office integration of the RoleTailored interface and the many integration features connected to local resources, such as the operating system and Microsoft Office
Microsoft Application Virtualization support The RoleTailored Interface can be deployed using Microsoft Application Virtualization technology, it provides a better experience for end user as all integration with local application is done on the desktop.
Windows 7 user experience improvements Jumplists can be used to open recently accessed customers and vendors for increased business productivity and efficiency, this functionality that provides information on system event and status, helps to align with the Windows 7 user experience.
Treemap Visualization Displays Business data visualizations abilities through rich ad hoc data visualization.It provides treemap analysis that enables the comparison of any two values which increase business productivity and business insight.

CyanSYS Regional Updates

Industrial Attachments @ Regional Office

As part of CyanSYS philosophy of continuously nurturing the next generation of Microsoft technologists, 5 students will be on attachment to our Kuala Lumpur branch for 5 months starting in April 2010. Throughout their course of internship with CyanSYS, they will receive both comprehensive technical and functional trainings on Microsoft Dynamics Navision from their experienced colleague, Vineeth and get exposed to Navision ecosystem through working on an assortment of projects.

Let us warmly welcome Yong Seng, Kwai Sien, Susan, Cheris and Miow Wan to CyanSYS Big Family and give them your fullest supports!

Staffs on Board

CyanSYS warmly welcomes both Chi Min and Erlina who joined us as Technical Consultants at our KL and Jakarta offices respectively. They will be brought up to speed with the company operations and provide valuable experiences to our growing portfolios.

New Born Babies

CyanSYS welcomes newborn babies from our 2 lovely mothers Lyn (Philippines) and Sara (Sri Lanka). Lyn gave birth to a handsome boy while Sara delivered a pretty girl. CONGRATULATIONS to the happy mums.