June 6, 2018

CyanSYS NewsLink – Quarter 1 Year 2010

Forward by Group Managing Director

It seems only not too long ago that the technology industry was focused spending billions of dollars to avoid the possibility of a “millennium bug tsunami attack” that was Year 1999. A decade has passed, but it was a decade filled with eventful experiences that all of us will never forget:
– September 11, 2001 attack

– Internet bubble burst 2002/03

– SARS attack 2003

– Tsunami 2006

– A historical first black President for America

– Global financial debacle threatening a repeat of the Great Depression

– Bombs of Bali, Mumbai,

– Earthquakes of Szechuan, Haiti

– Many more as we can possibly recollect….

CyanSYS has seen all that and we are growing stronger from the momentum of so many past events. During the most part of 2009, we have reviewed our strengths and weaknesses, harness our trusted relationships with many of our long term customers / partners, in order to create a stronger team dynamics that will take us into the next decade of sustainability and growth.  We are pleased to share this 1st quarter Newslink about us as we reshape ourselves to face the exciting challenges and opportunities that we plan to embark with even greater confidence.

Overall, we have returned another year of great results seeing all our invested entities in the region growing in positive territory. Through the sheer hardworking attitudes of every CyanSYS team member in the Region, our extremely great support from our customers and partners alike, we plan to extend our reach through our local presence and offices in Singapore, West and East Malaysia, Indonesia and soon to be formed Philippines. We continue to have a single technological platform focused in Microsoft but extend our vertical industry offerings in Retail, Distribution, Logistics and our very own developed solutions in Agricultural Plantations Solution.

For the year ahead, we are optimistic that most businesses will get out of the past recession surely albeit slowly. Your support and business mean a lot to us. We look forward to improve our delivery qualities, add values to your overall business strategy and continue to obtain constructive feedbacks from you to serve your business needs better.

Important Microsoft Policies Changes for Dynamics NAV Customers

CyanSYS communicated to Customers via email announcements for Microsoft Policies Changes in early February 2010. Beginning March 1, 2010 Dynamics® NAV customers who had previously been able to purchase the Business Ready Enhancement Plan at 10-13% will be aligned to the 16% global pricing. This alignment will begin with customers who have a renewal date of March 1, 2010 or later. The summary of the changes are presented below again for customers’ awareness and refreshment.

100% Waiver for Back-Payment and Penalty – For NAV Lapsed Customers

v  Back-payment (13% of your license list price) and penalty (3% of your license list price) will be 100% waived for those customers who re-enroll the EP by 31st May 2010.

v  Customers who are inactive in Enhancement Plan (EP) are not entitled to purchase additional licenses effective 1st June 2010.

Announcement of Unsupported Versions & Enhancement Plan

v  On June 1, 2010, Microsoft will begin requiring a Business Ready Enhancement Plan when making additional module and user license purchases on supported versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

v   Supported Versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV include Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009.

As your NAV partner, we strongly encourage you to consider moving up to version 2009 and continue to stay active on your Business Ready Enhancement Plan (BREP) to maximize your solution value and help protect future investments you make. For any queries, please contact us at sales@cyansys.com .

Release of LS Retail NAV 2009.1 (6.1)

LS Retail NAV is an end-to-end Retail and Hospitality solution, powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Its unique use of a single application to cover everything from the POS terminals, store systems, and all the functions that you would expect to find at head office sets LS Retail apart from other solutions in the market.

The setup can range from a single store with one POS to a complex, multi-store environment that integrates with your overall business operation.

LS Retail NAV is built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV; therefore, the POS, back office and head office all use the same application. This makes it possible to track individual transactions from the POS to the General Ledger, which maximizes your business value.

LS Retail NAV 2009.1 (NAV 6.1) is now available and on the NAV 2009 SP1 W1 code base. This new version of LS Retail NAV includes various new features such as:

  • Special Orders
  • Refund and Return Management
  • GDI+ Buttons on POS
  • Item Tracking
  • Improved Offers
  • Improved Infocodes

From a functional standpoint, this release of LS Retail NAV is probably one of the most feature-rich versions that have ever released. More than a dozen new and/or updated Quick Guides describing the new features are shipped with the release.

Latest Customer Addition to CyanSYS Portfolio

CyanSYS is honored to have added another well-known household Retail name into our portfolio ofcustomers – Eu Yan Sang, the Number 1 traditional Chinese Medicine retailer in Singapore. This prestigious project will see CyanSYS’ Retail team putting together an implementation plan for the 40 EYS Stores with complete backend Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP suite to increase the productivity and thus profitability for the Business. The solution will also allow EYS to integrate the ERP systems to a web-front enabling customers to shop electronically.

Regional Rollout

An exciting project is taking place across the causeway. In February 2010, Courts Mammoth and CyanSYS kicked-off Phase 1 of an adaptive system roll-out based on a regional platform. Implemented in Courts Singapore, the effectiveness and robustness of this fully integrated solutions is obvious as it survived the numerous heavy sales seasons and campaigns. This new implementation will retain a local flavor through necessary Malaysian environmental adaptations, whilst leveraging on the economy of scale on a common platform. This phase aims at replacing an antiquated financial system. As Courts Mammoth anticipates significant growth going forward, this implementation is essential and timely for such a cause. Probably the largest Microsoft Dynamics NAV site in Malaysia, Courts Mammoth is an established brand in home furnishing, electrical and electronic retail that needs no further introduction.

CyanSYS Vertex Office

CyanSYS acquired an office unit in Vertex Building @ Ubi Ave 3. Business and Retail teams and Datacenter were moved to Vertex office in Jan 2010 while Finance, HR and Trade teams remain at Chinatown Point.

We made prominent changes in our infrastructure. We invested in Megapop to have Point-to-Point Protocol via VPN to intercom among colleagues in regional offices of Singapore (Chinatown and Vertex), Malaysia (KL and KK) and Indonesia. It is an excellent way to save time and money to communicate among regional offices.

New forces join CyanSYS Regional Offices

Our Jakarta office has 5 new technical to join our forces to support the CyanSYS Group. And we had set up our Philippine entity and it’s ready to take on projects in Philippine under David’s care and to give its best support to CyanSYS Group.

Warmly welcome Rebeka, Ria, Listina, Reza , Okky  and David to CyanSYS Family!