June 6, 2018

CyanSYS NewsLink – December Year 2010

Forward Message by Managing Director

Dear Business Partners,

As we are racing towards the end of 2010, we look back what an awesome year that we have just achieved together with our entire CyanSYS team members. Microsoft has made significant changes to the entire Network Partners’ program that certainly will have partners like us awaiting anxiously to assess the impact and implications forward that will shape the way CyanSYS will focus in the future. The widely anticipated changes should benefit extremely established partners like CyanSYS who has been in this Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly NAVISION) for the last decade. The benefits should translate into better added values that we can and will re-engineer to enhance our partnership with our customers.

On 7th- 8th October, CyanSYS went for our traditional annual retreat at Sentosa this year. It was indeed a pulsating 14 years in business and looking back every sacrifice is worth it. The Group has grown with 5 physical offices in South East Asia as of last quarter, Singapore (HQ), West Malaysia (KL), East Malaysia (KK), Indonesia (Jakarta) and The Philippines (Manila). We are on-target to become a regional mid-market Enterprise Resource Planning consulting, implementation and software development powerhouse. We will continue to focus on our strength to grow those vertical industries that we have excelled rather than trying to be a be-all to-all ERP vendor.

We are also extremely glad to have deployed our first and number 1 Traditional Chinese Medicine Retailer in Singapore, Eu Yan Sang with 40 Stores Island-wide went live with a big bang on 1st Oct 2010. It was a great project that our team enjoyed working with the Eu Yan Sang team to deliver the project on-time, on budget and within expectations of the users. Another trading customer Derrick Solutions also went live with NAV solution and we provided a hosting solution for them as many of the users are working from remote locations. Besides, we welcome our new customers that have decided to come on board with us, such as Mediconstant Pharmacy in Malaysia, Focus Point Management from Malaysia, Epicenter Apple retailer from Singapore, Iwwagohome Home furniture from Malaysia, Seng Heng Engineering from Singapore, EA connect from Denmark and Laila Fashion Retail from Brisbane.

We have also added 3 Business intelligence (BI) customers with our new partnership ZAP BI tools from Australia. This will provide an important analytical tool for our matured customers who strongly believe that they are ready to take advantage of their edge over the competitors in the market place by using analytics to measure the various key performance indicators (KPI) to outperform the market.

We are pacing ourselves towards end of the year with an end-goal that a new record will be set yet again in the 14 years history of CyanSYS and our partners Microsoft, ZAP and customers like yourselves are the reasons why we have been successful in our quest to grow.

Thank you very much all our Dear Business Partners.

Eu Yan Sang 40 Stores Go Live Overnight

On 1st Oct 2010 (Friday) Eu Yan Sang (Singapore) Pte Ltd (EYSS), our first Traditional Chinese Medicine Customer, went live with 40 Stores island-wide in a Big Bang approach with their new Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP/LS Retail Solution.
Mr Wee Chin Lian, the Project Manager / Deputy General Manager for Finance of EYSS commented that it was indeed an aggressive approach. “To do it on Friday where the weekends are usually the busiest for our Stores, the team effort from EYSS and CyanSYS is highly commendable and the most important reason for our new ERP/Retail to be deployed successfully”.

CyanSYS Project Manager, Pei Juan has this to say: “The team effort to prepare for such an end-to-end Retail Solution Go-Live over a weekend involve each stakeholder of the project to be responsible and accountable for their part of the tasks assigned. Without the tireless recurring testing and retesting by users and the great cohesion of EYSS and CyanSYS project members, we would not be able to push this through within 5 months”.

The entire end-to-end project was delivered ahead of schedule by 1 month and certainly on budget. It is crucial that the Team will continue to support, monitor and fine tune the software in order to achieve stability in the shortest possible timeframe.

In this project, we manage to implement and Go-Live the following:
– Financials suite including Fixed Assets / Cash Management
– Sales Orders and deliveries
– Purchase Orders
– Warehouse and delivery management
– Stores Operations
– POS cashiers functionality
– CRM loyalty rewards

DSI Go Live

Derrick Solutions International (DSI) is a company specializing in supplying screening equipment and screen surface technology used to address the specific demands of the MINING & INDUSTRIAL, OIL & GAS DRILLING and CIVIL & UNDERGROUND. The company has Head Quarter office in Singapore, as well as subsidiaries in Dubai and Indonesia. DSI Main Supplier is Derrick Equipment Company (USA).

To support their Consolidation process and Intercompany Transactions, DSI has chosen Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009. CyanSYS was selected by DSI as preferred partner for NAV Project Implementation. The project was started in middle of June 2010. Through the implementation period, we have completed User Requirement Study, System Setup, Report Customization, User Testing, and Training as necessary foundation for 5 Companies Implementation. With teamwork and consistent efforts from both DSI and CyanSYS project team; we managed to Go LIVE on 1st September 2010.

In addition, CyanSYS also provides Infrastructure service for DSI. In order to support multi users from various countries and regions, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 can now be accessed from anywhere with availability of Internet Connection. For security purpose, connection only can be established via Virtual Private Network (VPN) with confidential login and password. This model is fully supported by CyanSYS by hosting the DSI Server in CyanSYS Office at Vertex.

A Visit to Sub Zero

In June 2010, LS Retail Business Director for Asia Pacific, Mr Sun Qiping together with CyanSYS Managing Director, Mr Tan Theng Wee paid a friendly visit to Mr Ang at Sub Zero HQ in Ipoh, Malaysia. Sub Zero currently has 30 retail stores in the mid –market fashion which appeals to vast customers with trendy and modern apparels. All the Stores currently have been implemented with full NAV/LS Retail Suite to enable better Store Management, Sales Analysis and most importantly Stock management.

LS Retail in Singapore

As a sequel to a business dinner with visiting LS Retail Director of International Business (Mr Carsten Wulff) recently, our Managing Director of CyanSYS (Mr Tan Theng Wee) led the diners to Orchard Road to feel the Christmas atmosphere. As soon as we are in and around 313@Somerset, our Viking visitors started to shoot uncontrollably. At one stage, they walked into EpiCenter, went for the cashier and grinned at the installed LS Retail. Courts, Eu Yan Sang and other CyanSYS prized retail wins were amongst those captured on digital cameras and subsequently transported through cyberspace to Iceland. Notably, LS Retail Business Director for Asia Pacific (Mr. Sun Qiping) was beaming throughout the entire “field trip @ Orchard Road”. It was a great sense of achievement. We looked forward to enhanced partnership between CyanSYS and LS Retail.

Announcement from LS Retail

LS Retail Announces the Release of:

Data Director 3.0

      New Generation of Data Director. Includes new monitoring tool and remote configuration tool. Works with current Navision Scheduler but setup and deployment of Data Director itself is different than earlier versions so please read the Release Notes and User Guide very well to understand how to set up a new installation and also how to upgrade DD2 to DD3.

For a new installation you will also need to install Client setup for DD 2.28.3. It is included in the .rar download.

Data Director 2.28.3

This release fixes problems where 2.28.x locked up or crashed with application error in the Event Viewer

Tee off for Charity Golf Tournament 2010

Charity Golf & Dinner 2010 organized by Courts Group in aid of the Down Syndrome Association.

In taking time to care for the less fortunate, Mr. Terry O’Connor (Group CEO of Courts Group of Companies) gathers business associates to pit their golf skills against one another annually. This year (2010), the date is 8 September and the venue is the Masters Course, Laguna National Golf & Country Club. As it got nearer to the scheduled 13.15 pm shot gun start time, there were traces of attempts to control the weather by some. But most began to doubt if the golfers were able to take up position at their respective T-box. Heavy rain continued since it started just before noon. Much to everyone’s relief, and possibly by the grace of the almighty, the skies cleared and the course was opened at around 13.45 pm with the weather holding for the entire round. Though a non-golfer, Terry took to the course in a buggy with beer in hand to wish all golfer a good game. In turn, most were envious of his perfect shot (alcohol) in hand and looking forward to it.

For the third consecutive year, Mr. Yeo Chak Khiam (Partners & Alliance of CyanSYS and Project Director for Courts) represented CyanSYS for such charity golf events organized by Courts. He enjoyed the cool weather that ensue and meeting new people on his flight. Since the format is based on Double Peoria, many survived the “crocodiles” and were able to proceed for a sumptuous dinner for prize giving, lucky draws and mingling with non-golfers. This year, the Down Syndrome Association is the beneficiary for the Charity Donations. It bettered last year’s event with collections of $138,888.

What will next year’s be? Stay tuned.

Release of Zap Business Intelligence 2010

On September, Zap had released a new software solution that makes business intelligence (BI) more user-friendly and less reliant on technical experts. Based on the Microsoft SQL Server® platform, Zap Business Intelligence 2010 is web-based and provides capabilities such as dashboards, key performance indicators (KPIs), scorecards, reports, analysis, alerts, report scheduling, and optional predictive analytics. A unique feature is the ability to easily share and re-use analytics between business units, geographies, companies, or even across different deployments.
Some of features that awaiting for your explorations:


DashBoard provides an instant visually-enhanced snapshot of performance which is easy to configure and customize to each user needs
• Drag and Drop Creation
• Dynamic resizing
• Guided analytics
• Drill down for detail

Key Performances Indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are individual metrics that measure performance against target.
• Drag and Drop Creation
• Flexibility to customize
• dynamic calculations
• Flexible formatting


Scorecards are a collection of key performance indicators (KPIs) to provide an at-a-glance snapshot of performance against targets
• Drag and Drop Creation
• Drill through
• Weighted KPIs
• Additional metrics
• Automatic creation from hierarchies

Alert and Report Scheduling

Alerts and report scheduling provide an early warning system to notify users about changes in performance. They help to automate discovery and learning, and remove the task of manually monitoring performance and providing updates.
• Alerts
• Alerts with Insight
• Flexible distribution and subscription
• Security automatically applied

For customers with SQL Server® data sources or Microsoft Dynamics® data sources, Zap CubeXpress fast tracks cube creation and maintenance to enable rapid deployment with minimal technical resources. Microsoft customers have the added advantage of integrating Zap Business Intelligence with their existing technology, such as Dynamics, SharePoint, Outlook, and Excel.

JetReports 2010

JetReports had a new release of JetReports 2010 with the significant improved features as below:

• Distributing Reports in Adobe PDF Format

    -Allows us to automatically update and distribute reports as PDF attachments to email on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

• Favorite Tables and Fields

      -Able to choose tables and fields in a database that are relevant and hide everything else.


    -Favorite function allows focusing only on the data you need so that you can generate reports more efficiently with less error.

• Snippets

      -Store your standard report header, queries that you use frequently as Snippets.


      They are handy to drag & drop every time you need them.


    -With Snippets, it’s easy to store a range of cells from Excel to use later or to share with others.

• Personalized Grid Drilldown

    -JetReports 2010 allows to customize the users drilldown experience so that the data are presented in the format that works best for you.

• Table Queries

    -Allows to download a complete data table from your business database using a single query in Excel.

JetReports 2010 also includes:

• Compatibility with Microsoft Office 2010 64-bit edition
• Report Builder functionality for all data sources. Report Builder incorporates a simple drag and drop interfaces that lets you combine dasta from multiple areas of your dabase into well formatted reports.
• Many more features to make building and running reports simpler than ever before!

Microsoft World Partner Conference 2010

Both our CyanSYS colleagues, Ying Ying and Thet Htar are given the rare opportunity to attend Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC). This annual prestigious event gathers all partners to share and learn about Microsoft’s keynotes addresses, latest programs, strategies, and technologies. Let us follow them through on this exciting journey…
“We are given an opportunity to travel a 24 hour long journey to reach Minnepolis Airport, passed through the elaborate Federal Security custom check, boarded the transit flight to Baltimore, before finally reaching Washington DC to participate in the WPC2010 conference.

Before the opening for the event during the weekend, we managed to explore the White House, Library of Congress, the largest library in the world, Jeffreyson Memorial in Washington D.C.

The annual event is held at Washington Convention Centre. Every morning, the conference starts with a live band performance followed by keynote addresses held on a stage surrounded by over 20000 audience from all over the world.
The key highlights from WPC2010 are the corporate propaganda on Cloud Computing by many of key Microsoft speakers whom includes Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, and new Worldwide Partner Group CVP Jon Roskill; and the showcasing of new technologies or releases such as Windows 7 and Dynamics CRM applications.

Aside from keynotes addresses, there were also other breakout sessions and Expo to which we had explored. In one keynote session, we had looked forward to the exclusive appearance of Bill Clinton, ex-president of United States whom was invited to give his speech to the fully packed conference hall audiences many of whom behaved like paparazzi lavishing their flashes on him despite the “No picture” stern warnings from his guards in suits. Clinton spoke about his missionary works in Haiti; wherein the people lived in poor living conditions and faced life and death challenges in pursuit of their freedom.

After the keynotes sessions, we took the Metro train to explore more places of interest around Washington DC which include a historic old town called Georgetown and famous landmark such as US Capitol and Washington Monument, and museums hopping.

We extended our stay in USA with a vocation journey and we ended in New York where we visited the Statue of Liberty, Times Square and experienced the breath taking sights of Niagara Falls situated at the border of USA and Canada.”

CyanSYS BootCamp 2010

CyanSYS welcomed a respite from all hustle and bustle for the past 6 months, in a rustic and scenic yet cozy getaway in Sentosa on a sun-drenched Saturday, 19 June. In the midst of serene ambience, an exhilarating event was taking place for our staff to participate, had a heartening get-together and without forgetting Sharing of Knowledge that is central to this event.

Our beloved Managing Director, Mr Tan Theng Wee kick-started the bootcamp with an opening speech, announcement of yet another sterling performance from CyanSYS Group as a whole. The staff was being presented on CyanSYS business directives in conjunction with both LS Retail and Microsoft head path to emphasis the importance of close collaboration with our business partners. This was followed by respective team leaders presenting on their areas of focus. The event winded down with our consultants, Rino and Darren demonstrating the features of Business Intelligence tool and NAV 2009 respectively.

A galore of awesome activities, picturesque surrounding and sumptuous food definitely leave everyone revitalized. Thanks to everyone for their fully supports which made possible for this event to be a sensory experience.

CyanSYS Company Day 2010

CyanSYS 19th Company Day was held from October 7th to 8th at Singapore’s famous tourist destination-Sentosa. It seemed like yesterday when we celebrated our previous company day in Kota Kinabalu Sabah last October.

This getaway was a reward for CyanSYS colleagues who had worked extremely hard together as a team to contribute a remarkable result in 2010. Besides being getting recharged, this trip provided a platform for team bonding since CyanSYS today had grown into a “Multi-National Company” with colleagues from different countries.

On the first day, both Singapore and overseas colleagues checked into Siloso Beach Resort before getting ready to embark for their activities which were both outdoor sports and universal studios. After a whole day of thrilling fun, we washed up and proceed to Sakae Izakaya for a sumptuous dinner to curb our hunger pangs. Right after the dinner, our cultural night began with group from each country had to share about its own cultures, beliefs, ceremonies, geography and etc

For the second and last day of our retreat, the whole of CyanSYS were presented by both CyanSYS Managing Director, Mr Tan and Business Director, Mr Yeo on evaluation of KPIs for year 2010 and business directions in Year 2011. Serious business aside, prizes were given out in much anticipated Lucky Draw event where winners were picked through a simple lucky draw system being developed by our own developers.

Laughters and smiles reverberated throughout 2-day event which embodied the level of enjoyments that every colleagues had and everyone looked forward to the company day in 2011.

Recharging Philippines with New Born

1st July 2010 shall be the day to remember where CyanSYS entrenches deeply it’s foots in Philippines soils with the official opening of LatticeSoft Inc.

LATTICESOFT PHILIPPINE S INC. strategically situated in the PBCom Tower in Makati City, Central Business District and it is the tallest building in the Philippines, 52-storey, which rises 259 m (849.7 ft). It is currently the 120th-tallest building in the world as of December 2009.

Staffs on Board

Let us extend a warm welcome to Wenn Chun, Joysel, Vicky and YongRong who had joined us to provide technical, application and administrative support to CyanSYS Group.

Wenn Chun, whom is joining as Senior Application Consultant in KL Office has years of experiences under his belt. Apart from NAV, he had handled several turn-key solution based projects such as Custom-Made Content Management System, Anti-Money Laundering System and e-Procurement System.

Joysel will be supporting the office manager regarding administrative duties in our newly setup Philippines Branch. Let us wish her all the bests for the future upcoming challenges as CyanSYS Philippines forges ahead.

CyanSYS is in the process of recruiting regionally and more consultants will be joining us in the coming year 2011 starting January.

Scholarship for Enterprise Systems Option Student

CyanSYS has provided scholarships for 2 students, Mr Lim Cheng Lai and Miss Tan Feng Yin valued at $4,500 each to pay for their entire fees during their 2nd and 3rd year of Diploma IT with Enterprise System options as Microsoft NAV. This is part of Memorandum of Co-operation through a tripartite party consist of Singapore Poly, CyanSYS and Microsoft that allows students from the School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology (DMIT), especially those from the Diploma in Information Technology (DIT), will benefit tremendously from this partnership which will equip them with a strong foundation in IT skills, broad business capabilities and hands-on training in real-world enterprise business processes using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, a leading ERP solution for businesses.

Malaysia Service tax increase to 6% from 5%

Service tax on all taxable services will be increased from 5% to 6% with effect from 1stJanuary 2011. This may be a temporary measure to increase government revenue while pending the implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST).

CyanSYS Invest Infra

Recently, the technology group of CyanSYS has upgraded the Singnet Ethernetlink speed of up to 3 times of their current subscription with SingTel and also acquired a new Fortigate Firewall that will cater up to 100 users. This is essential for the configuration of DMZ for protection of Hosted Servers. Together with implementation of stable backup and restore resource plan, needless to say that CyanSYS is ready and well equipped for Server Hosting:

We have in fact started hosting DSI (Derrick Solution International Pte Ltd) and they are benefiting from lower total cost of ownership with all the below services:

– Operating system updates
– Application updates
– Server monitoring
– hardware monitoring
– Application monitoring
– Application management
– Technical support
– Firewall services
– Antivirus updates
– Security audits
– Intrusion detection
– Backups and restoration
– Disaster recovery
– Load balancing
– Database administration
– Performance tuning
– Software installation and configuration
– User management