June 6, 2018

CyanSYS being conferred LS Retail Platinum Partner 2014

CyanSYS Pte Ltd, being a partner of LS Retail since 2004, has been named as LS Retail Platinum Partner 2014, along with a group of some of the most strategic LS Retail partners from across the globe with outstanding sales achievements.

The LS Retail Platinum Partners will be recognized at the 14th annual LS Retail Partner Conference, in Reykjavik, Iceland on May 12th, 2014. The LS Retail Partner Conference is the premier LS Retail event where Partners, LS Retail, Microsoft and 3rd party providers come together. The LS Retail Partner Conference pro-vides the LS Retail partner community an opportunity to participate in an exceptional program including a variety of speakers, experience the latest product innovations from LS Retail, network with other LS Retail Partners, share best practices, and learn new skills.

“We are very pleased to acknowledge the dedication of the 2014 Platinum partners for their high levels of sales achievements,” says Magnus Norddahl, CEO of LS Retail. “The success of LS Retail is directly dependent upon the expertise, commitment and performance of our partners. This honor is a direct reflection of CyanSYS’s continuous dedication and contributions to the overall success of LS Retail.”

CyanSYS is honored to achieve the LS Retail Platinum Partner for 2014. Being a partner with LS Retail since 2004, we have implemented over 700 retail stores and over a 1000 POS for 30 over retailers like Courts, Gain City, Best Denki and other retailers that comes from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and countries as far as Brunei and Middle-East. Having a seasoned team with a cumulative of 10 years’ experience in the retail sector helped us to achieve our recognition that we deserve today.


LS Retail is a world-leading provider of comprehensive software solutions built upon Microsoft Dynamics and other technologies for retail and hospitality companies.

The scalable solutions from LS Retail fulfill the complex operational requirements of organizations within such diverse areas as: fashion, electronics, furniture, duty free, restaurants, coffee shops, and many more. LS Retail’s custom designed solutions help businesses around the world increase revenue, build loyalty, reach new customers, and lower costs of production.

For over two decades, LS Retail has been developing market leading software solutions that are currently used by more than 47,000 stores worldwide, supported by more than 150 certified Microsoft and LS Retail partners in over 60 countries.

With this expertise LS Retail helps enable over a hundred million pleasurable shopping and dining experiences every day.

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