Argo Plantation Solutions

A Microsoft Dynamics Navision Add-on for Easy Access to Critical Business Information.

Agro Plantation Solutions is a vertical add-on and powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Our solution is being categorised as a pool of building blocks which is capable of adapting the system to your requirements regardless of various crop types and sizes.

An enterprise level solution that provides all sorts of functionalities ranging from expenditures budgeting, payroll processing, tracking activities to job orders and invoicing through the whole plantation life-cycle. This is what CyanSYS aims to achieve; allowing our customers to thrive and remain competitive in their plantation businesses.

Increase Productivity

System presents the same way that you and your people are familiar with other Microsoft products. Familiarity allows reduction in training and development time, freeing up extra time to focus on critical tasks. A design with role-oriented focus at the back of mind, the solution ensures a quicker return on investment.

This allows critical data to be easily retrieved and analysed using an integrated familiar tools, enabling confident decision-making, fuels business productivity through automation of operations where costs are reduce and performance improve.

Increase Collaboration

Exchange data with your new trading partners cost-efficiently regardless of system that your partner is using. Commerce gateway allows you to accommodate to your partner requirements as Microsoft BizTalk Server maps data of different format using XML industry supported standard.

Both BizTalk Server and commerce gateway enable you to engage proactively with customers or vendors. Automation of data transfer eliminated the needs of data entry and significantly increases data accuracy.

Increase Business

Consolidate the presentation of information at user interface is the first step to handle swelling data size as your business grow exponentially. Drill-down and Drill-through enquiries providing complete document and batch traceability across different modules, for example: tracing expenditure back to source transactions and relating documents.

You will not want to stuck with an outdated technology and solution which are somehow not on the same heartbeat with your business.

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