Management Solution for Finance Personnel


The functionality of NAVCash includes the handling of loans, borrowings and deposits in a variety of flexible ways, their future scheduling, simulation and automated transaction posting to accounting. Loans and borrowings can be amortised using a variety of industry standard methods and interest calculated similarly. Any number of calendars can be pre-defined in the system and used to compute the interest.

An intuitive and flexible front-end interface enables the modification in terms, the early repayment, postponement of settlement and other manipulations necessary to manage fully the transactions and to generate the accounting entries for the back office NAV modules.

Deposits, whether term or call, can be set up and linked to the core NAV bank module. Their effect on liquidity can be previewed before validating and in due time be renewed, closed or modified in terms and interest.

All accounting rules are customisable on the basis of the user’s chart of account and other policies.

NAVCash provides user with the below Loan and Deposit solution.


  • Handle an unlimited number of lending or borrowing arrangements.
  • Link loans to banks or customers as counter-parties
  • Simulate loan scheduling “on the fly”
  • Calculate automatically capital and interest repayments
  • Amortise loans using any industry acceptable method using simple or compound methods.
  • Introduce “out of schedule” capital disbursements or repayments and rearrange the future loan conditions accordingly
  • Denominate the loans in any currency and calculate Forex (realised and unrealised) automatically
  • Calculate and post your accrued interest receivable or payable at any time
  • Integrate seamlessly to Microsoft Dynamics NAV Sales and CRM modules.
  • Manage multiple loans with interrelated conditions (serial or concurrent repayment)


  • Manage term or call deposits in any currency
  • Use Fixed or Floating Interest rates with data integrated from external variable interest rate sources, e.g. Euribor, Federal Funds rate, etc.
  • Close and reopen deposits automatically
  • Link to Bank Ledger
  • Include initial placement fees
  • Change the terms and conditions instantly
  • Post automatically all entries to accounting

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