Business Apps for Navision

Dynamics NAV offers a functionally rich suite of software that will offer a great foundation for any business looking to implement an ERP solution. From CRM to sales, from purchasing to inventory, from finance to manufacturing – Dynamics NAV does it all.

As time goes by, and with the advancement of technology, users will explore into more functionality purposes – things that are not achievable in the standard system. This is where Business Apps for NAV comes into play.

We offer a series of added-value applications that extend the reach of your Dynamics NAV solution into new areas, delivering more automation, increased simplification and better flexibility for all your users.


NAVCash is a vertical add-on to Microsoft Dynamics NAV and aims to enhance the ability of users to manage treasury operations, or whatever the core business activities may be.


NAVInvest delivers a cost effective, integrated enterprise solution that enables entities engaged in the financial sector to manage efficiently the entire cycle of their operations.

CyanSYS Payroll & Leave Application

Accumulated payroll amounts are automatically linked for each payroll period. There is no need to prepare report or to key in the consolidated amounts  again for the Finance Department.

CyanSYS Plantation Module

A wholly system with an end-to-end control and visibility allows you to grip tight in the plantation business lifecycle and achieve greater efficiency and productivity.

LS Retail

The LS Retail provides software solutions for Headquarters, Stores and Points-of-Sale (POS), with Food, Specialty and Hospitality sectors as areas of expertise.


BI4Dynamics provides rich business intelligence capabilities to companies of all sizes with delivering tremendous business content.

Jet Reports

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Jet Reports is a complete reporting tool inside Excel that allows you to create reports on any granule in Dynamics NAV, including advanced dimensions and customizations.

Magento eCommerce

Magento eCommerce helps improve your customer service through easy web-shop order processing and 24/7 online access to product information – seamlessly integrated with Dynamics NAV.


Altova® accelerates application development and data management projects with software and solutions that enhance productivity and maximize results.

Retail Realm Essentials

Retail Essentials was designed to meet primary retail management functions in a simplified, streamlined, and scalable way for organizations that require the full power of Microsoft Dynamics AX in a simplified retail-specific configuration.

CHD POS Software & Hardware Solutions

Specializes in development and manufacturing cash registers, Point-Of-Sale systems and peripherals.


DynaEquip is a set of NAV add-on components:

• Advanced Bank Reconciliation
• Multi-Checkbook Enabler
• Advanced Quality Control
• Purchase Tolerance and Forced Closure
• Subcontracting Plus
• Requisition Management
• Work Center Production Management
• Production Forecast
• Item Generator
• Job Work Management
• Reports

SOFT4 Solutions

SOFT4 business management solutions, each tailored to meet the needs of a particular business – Leasing/Auto Lease companies, Micro Finance institutions, Cash Handling services, and companies collecting Bad Debts.


PORINI is known since decades for its dedication to the textile and apparel business. The founders of Porini, soon after establishing the company in September 1968 near Como, Italy, started the activity of providing proprietary information systems, running on the first mainframes that IT was making available at that time.

Scalable Commodity Solution

Physical Commodity Trading organisations buy and sell commodities under predetermined contract terms and are responsible for the shipping and delivery of the commodities.