Accelerates Application Development and Data Management

Altova® accelerates application development and data management projects with software and solutions that enhance productivity and maximize results.

As an innovative, customer-focused company and the creator of XMLSpy and other leading XML, data management, UML, and Web services tools, Altova is the choice of over 2 million clients worldwide, including virtually every Fortune 500 company. Enabling customers ranging from vast development teams in the world’s largest organizations to progressive one-person shops, Altova’s line of software tools fulfills a broad spectrum of business needs. Altova is an active member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and Object Management Group (OMG) and is committed to delivering standards-based platform-independent solutions that are powerful, affordable, and easy to use. Altova was founded in 1992 and has headquarters in Beverly, Massachusetts and Vienna, Austria.

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Altova® Missionkit® 2010

Altova® Missionkit® 2010 The Altova MissionKit 2010 is an integrated suite of XML, database, and UML tools from the developers of XMLSpy. It delivers eight tools for less than the price of two! The MissionKit includes Enterprise Editions of XMLSpy, MapForce, StyleVision, UModel, and DiffDog, plus DatabaseSpy, SchemaAgent, and SemanticWorks. Get the top tools for today’s software architects at an attractive price!

Altova® Mapforce® 2010

Altova® Mapforce® 2010 Altova MapForce is a graphical data mapping, conversion, and integration tool.

Altova® Stylevision® 2010

Altova® Stylevision® 2010 Altova StyleVision is a visual stylesheet designer for XML, XBRL, and databases.

Altova® UModel® 2010

Altova® UModel® 2010 Altova StyleVision is a visual stylesheet designer for XML, XBRL, and databases.

Altova® DatabaseSpy® 2010

Altova® DatabaseSpy® 2010 Altova DatabaseSpy is the unique query, design, compare, and convert tool.

Altova® DiffDog® 2010

Altova® DiffDog® 2010 Altova DiffDog 2010 is the powerful diff tool for files, folders, DBs, and XML.

Altova® Schemaagen 2010

Altova® Schemaagent® 2010 Altova SchemaAgent is the visionary XML Schema management tool.

Altova® SemanticWorks® 2010
Altova® SemanticWorks® 2010 Altova SemanticWorks is the ground-breaking visual RDF/OWL editor.
Altova® Authentic® 2010

Altova® Authentic® 2010 Altova Authentic is an advanced WYSIWYG content editor for XML and databases.

Altova® XmlSpy® 2010

Altova® XmlSpy® 2010 Altova XMLSpy 2010 is the industry-leading XML development environment with the top XML editor, schema designer, code generator, converters, debuggers, profilers, support for XSLT, XQuery, XBRL, WSDL, SOAP, DBs, VS.NET, Eclipse and more.

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